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When even the traveled dreamer stops to conceptualize destination bests, it never dawns on them that
one can live above an enclave of colorful marine wildlife, rise with the sun to find breakfast baskets
delivered to their front doors each morning nor the possibilities of pampering and spa services over the
ocean, whimsical picnics on the beach and yoga at sunrise as being just the cusp, at least not until
they’ve embraced the shores of Kamalame Cay.

Just tides away from the world’s third largest barrier reef and a part of the 700 islands of jewels encased
within The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, just off the coastline of Andros, awaits the double Trip
Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award winner Kamalame Cay. The isle, is featured in Forbes and Town

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Lyford Cay offers 1,000-acres of esteemed island dwellings and residential properties in the most
desired servings. Having been one of the first Gated Communities built in Nassau, Bahamas, it has set
many trends featuring a 74 slip Marina with a 12 foot draft, accommodating residing vessels as
well as yachtsmen in transit as it sits in the byways of a shopping center and an 18
hole members-only golf course all just minutes from the international airport.

With private chefs the norm in this community, fresh is key. The community showcases a harbour store
which provides a variety of farm fresh produce, dried goods beverages and gifts, a full grocery store with
first-rate meats and produce and is within a quarter mile of the local western community

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The single concept of home ownership within The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is in itself a remarkable selection with it being one of the most desired vacation destinations in the world. A scattered assortment of islands across the Atlantic all intensified by their unique personalities and vacation like magnetism making the homes therein a reel of perfection.  

Island living is heavily infused by breezy, carefree commutes via golf cart, walks on private beaches, acreages of golfing, game fishing, yachting, casino gaming and island hopping among other interesting pastimes. You may also love to know some of the features that set these homes apart from the ones you may find in city life.

Of course, variety is the spice of life. Here on the

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aerial view


Just a throw away from the busy routines of Nassau, The Bahamas, the country’s city, sits Creek House, a quiet rest, infused with a larger than life personality, at one with the shoreline of quite possibly the most exhilarating destination of the world.


Creek House, secured by a community gated entrance to its small-town also employs a personalized gated entryway to its feet which opens to .97 acres of awe. The single-story resident spreads elegantly to the extent of 4,849 square feet amidst a variation of Caribbean fruit trees and tropical shadowing all a part of a magnificent landscape harmonious with its complete aquatic surroundings.


Creek House summons the entertainer or its immediate opposite, a family whose privacy and

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There is an unspoken royalty associated with certain elements of life, after all, we know that crowns are

universally for kings and queens and Bentley’s and Bugatti’s, for the rare with the finest taste just as
First Class was designed for the elite.

In the same pallet, topping all living royalties sits a throne suited for one of uncharted quality. The
domain of an individual, family or couple desirous of a rare sought-after prestige fit only for those who
want it all!

Penthouses were designed to take the world in, in one breath, in a single moment sitting amidst the
treetops with seemingly bottomless views of a paradise.

Now sit that perfect into the perfect location…The Bahamas!

Sitting amidst it all, in the heartbeat of the city of

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If given the opportunity to dream into existence the perfect home, wouldn't it be on a tropical island under a spellbinding sun? Wouldn't it welcome the shore at your doorsteps and take you on whimsical strolls within a quiet neighbourly and friendly community? Wouldn't it give you access to visually captivating views and amenities that will simply lift you and your occasional guest off your feet? Wouldn't it be in the Bahamas?

Meet Starfish Isle, an island rich fusion of life's best-handpicked commodities all packed in a dream home. Like most treasures, Starfish Isle is tucked deep into the far end of the island on which it sits, away from the disturbances of city life and is located in the first-class and widely desired district of Eastern New

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Daniela Rava is an expert real estate advisor from Engel & Völkers New York City. With an MBA from Northeastern University and an unwavering passion for client home buying and selling needs, Daniela's service-oriented mindset and strategic marketing approaches have made her a surefire New York real estate pro. 

No spoilers ahead.

Where does the Marvelous Miriam Maisel live in the Upper West Side?

At one point in Season One, Mrs. Maisel does reveal an address of 385 Riverside Drive, but the best I can give you is a co-op in the beautiful Hendrik Hudson at 380 Riverside and that her building entrance is located at 404 Riverside. However, specifics aside, I would like to place her in today's New York City.

If I were to work with Mrs. Maisel

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When an artist’s brush hits a blank canvas for the first time, there are so many ideas just bursting in mind, color variations, ambiance as the artist sets the mood by tilting his easel at the perfect angle and his head at another to achieve the right strokes. When selecting a property within the Albany Community, the visual and experiential adventure is precisely the same, a colorful collection of premium, unmatched assets that add to a life of rare island luxury.

On 117 Ernie's Way, the perfect canvas awaits you, a 22,738 sq ft. residential lot, sitting in royal poise upon .52 acres of plush land within the 5 star luxury resort community of Albany, whom in all its splendor is set upon 600 ocean view acres within New Providence, The Bahamas. A

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

With the official start of winter, many might set off to seek shelter in warmer destinations to work on their tans, while others will gravitate towards snow-capped mountains to work on their form on the slopes. If you're more of a snow lover than a snowbird this season, there's more to it than doubling up layers of clothes, packing a thermos of hot chocolate and repairing your shoe straps to achieve the ultimate winter wonderland experience.

To embark on the road to the perfect winter haven, here are six of our favorite ski/snowboarding markets across the U.S. and Canada, world-renowned for their idyllic scenery and, of course, top-class ski resorts.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

With the likes of Jackson Hole Mountain

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By the Engel & Völkers Team 

Thanksgiving gives us all the more reason to spend time with family and friends, eat more food than usual and bring leftovers to work, but above all, it allows us to regroup and rejoice with loved ones about what we're truly thankful for. But getting to this point might not be easy, especially if you're gearing up to entertain, feeling the pressure to coordinate an elaborate and festive setting in your home for the holidays.

As you prepare to go through the hustle and bustle this season, here are some creative ways to help make your home Thanksgiving-ready.

Holiday Hanging 

First impressions are most important, which means flaunting a chic wreath on your front door is critical. Teasing holiday passersby for what's

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