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Paul Thompson - Agent Photo

Paul Thompson

Luxury Real Estate Advisor

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Shopping for the perfect property can take a while if you are in search of rare amenities and property features. Often times a full walkthrough of an estate or two proves overwhelming and can leave you as a buyer undecided but what if we gave you the option to view our estates through the eyes of a realtor?

The dynamics of that property would change significantly and the possibilities would expand giving you a broader more defined overview making your transition from shopper to buyer a much easier journey.

This year we break new soil by offering our properties through the eyes of a realtor as they speak to the

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

Far beyond the allure of its gourmet food and romantic walks around the Eiffel Tower, the charisma of Paris attracts globetrotters the world over for being a mecca of rich culture, history and internationalism—and its investment opportunities reflect it.

Our most recent report on residential properties in Paris indicates a strong market outlook with the number of property sales rising by 17 percent year-over-year. Compared to sales prices in the previous year, the amount per square foot has and will continue to grow this year due to positive economic conditions, low-level interest rates and increasing demand from international investors.

Engel & Völkers Paris

Engel & Völkers Paris

Engel & Völkers Paris


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Speaking to any Nassuvian (the local term for a resident of Nassau, Bahamas) and before long you’ll hear them refer to some place or happening that occurred “Out East” or “Out West”, as if they’re a cowboy on the frontier. 

Nassau is generally divided into these two distinct sections in the minds of most locals and long-term visitors: the East, once the place where the wealthy landed families settled and established grand waterfront homes, and the less densely-populated West, most famously home to the exclusive Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay upscale communities, and more recently, the modern, fitness-focused Albany residential and resort development. 

Eastern promise

Eastern Road is a colorful winding road leading to Palm Cay & Port New Providence

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Alex Jupp - Agent Photo

Alex Jupp

Luxury Real Estate Advisor

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Alex Jupp earned his real estate license almost ten years ago in the peak of the worst economy the modern world has experienced. In March 2009, the US stock market dropped to its lowest point of 6,594.44 and as goes the US economy so does The Bahamas', where it is said to be 6 months behind. Real estate sales at the time were virtually non-existent.

Things have certainly changed a lot since then. “This is the most opportunistic time in the market that I have seen,” says Alex. “Buyers and Sellers feel like it is the right time to make a move in their lives. Whether it's young professionals making their first investment

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Natasha Vythoulkas - Agent Photo

Natasha Vythoulkas

Luxury Real Estate Advisor

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Driven by a strong buyer market for modern contemporary living and first class amenities, the islands of New Providence and Paradise Island are experiencing a boom in new condo construction. Natasha Vythoulkas is a luxury real estate advisor with Engel & Völkers in the capital Nassau and a specialist in new condominium developments and is very excited about where she sees the market at the moment.

For almost two decades Natasha has been one of The Bahamas’ most successful luxury real estate advisors, working with buyers and sellers of luxury homes and condos on Nassau and Paradise Island. "In most

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Cheryl DeGoicoechea was born and raised in Salt Pond, Long Island where she has been selling real estate for the past 10 years.  Cheryl says not much has changed over that time but that is exactly why her clients like the island.

Long Island is located in the southeastern Bahamas approximately 165 miles from Nassau and 345 miles from the United States.  It is a sparsely populated island of about 3500 with a dramatic landscape of rolling hills, white powder beaches and colorful island settlements.

“Most people who invest on Long Island buy for what it is not and not for what it is,” says Cheryl.  "There are no casinos, crowds, malls or crime. Most people who end up buying a home initially come on vacation seeking privacy and tranquility and end up

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Engel & Völkers recently recognized its top 10 real estate advisors worldwide based on 2017 production at an award ceremony at the historic Hamburg Museum in Germany. Anthony Hitt, president & CEO of Engel & Völkers Americas, and Sven Odia, CEO of Engel & Völkers globally, presented the awards to the top advisors from the U.S. and Canada included below who dominated the global list, categorized by transaction volume, commission, rentals and units sold. Congratulations to all advisors included on the global ranking! 

Transaction Volume

Sandra Miller, Engel & Völkers Santa Monica
Shirley Gary, Engel & Völkers Buckhead Atlanta
Paul Benson, Engel & Völkers Park City
Carol Sollak, Engel & Völkers Wellington
Alison Elder, Engel & Völkers Truckee

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

With its enchanting canals, rich artistic heritage and elaborate cycling paths, it’s no surprise Amsterdam often takes the cake as one of the world’s most livable cities. The capital may have risen to worldwide acclaim as early as the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age, but Engel & Völkers’ most recent market report proves the city's heyday is yet to come.

According to the report, in the first quarter of 2018, residential property prices in Amsterdam rose by approximately 14 percent year-over-year, largely due to the increasingly scarce availability of on-the-market properties in the luxury real estate market.

Engel & Völkers Amsterdam

Engel & Völkers Amsterdam

Engel & Völkers Amsterdam

“The demand for

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

Every four years, nations around the world come alive. With the 2018 World Cup nearing its end, one jubilant country will soon be the reigning champion of this year’s games, claiming priceless bragging rights for the next four years. To commemorate this past month’s fiery matches, we’re spotlighting some of the world’s most legendary soccer stars—and their digs. Rest assured, these players have extraordinary homes to go back to after a long day of competing against some of the most world’s most gifted athletes.

Barcelona | Lionel Messi

There’s nothing like a sweeping mountain range and turquoise Mediterranean Sea to help decompress after a long day of practice, which is likely why Lionel Messi scored his home in

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By the Engel & Völkers Team

Fairytales do exist—at least in Lower Austria. Feast your eyes on the glorious castle Silbererschlössl, now exclusively on the market with Engel & Völkers Vienna. Silbererschlössl meets all criteria when it comes to the unnegotiable elements one would expect in a dream castle. A rich history? Check. Timeless architectural features? Check. Lancets, turrets and stained glass? Check, check and check.

Beyond these priceless features, however, Silbererschlössl is infinitely more special for one thing: its location. Built approximately 900 meters above sea level, the structure is nestled in the mountainous Semmering Pass. This idyllic region located an hour from Vienna has been a sought-after destination for the

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