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April 2018

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Picture your life in The Bahamas and it might involve an image of you on your shaded verandah, sipping an icy-cold cocktail, overlooking an empty beach and a twinkling ocean. Ultimate relaxation. But where was I...

Ah yes, fitness. Because as much as it is most certainly that, The Bahamas is not only a place to kick back and let life's cares wash away. It also offers the chance to engage in a variety of sporting pursuits which can be a fun and healthy way to enjoy your free time while you are in the islands - and we're not only talking about the more traditional sports fishing, boating and diving you might have had in mind. If you're an active person who enjoys getting your heart rate up on the weekend or diving into a bit of thrill seeking, your

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Expedia notes that “based on flight ticket sales purchases via Expedia group sites,The Bahamas is among the leading destinations for travel from Caribbean origins to a Caribbean destination."

We experience inbound flights from all over including, Toronto, New York and London. Aided by the ease of direct flights, these feeder markets are large contributors to our luxury Bahamas real estate sales. The strength of our international network is continuously demonstrated through a collaborative effort between shops. We are contacted regularly by shops including Madrid, Atlanta, and Montreal for an exchange of premium real estate listings. Just this week, we exchanged exposés with two Canadian shops, one in Muskoka and the other in Montreal. This approach to

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Plans are underway for a “rejuvenated city of Nassau” Robards reports.


 Bahamian architects have put together a concept plan to be unveiled at the end of April to redesign the downtown core of Nassau and revitalize the city. As our shop is located at the head of town, a remodeled center is very exciting! Our modern shop concept would benefit greatly if it was nestled between more progressive, well maintained businesses. With a refreshed look  town would likely experience an influx of new businesses. With a change in concept perhaps downtown would return to its business-centered roots which would definitely effect the nature of pedestrian foot traffic! There are currently a variety of commercial spaces up for rent ranging from large executive

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